Shooting with the Leica S2

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Every once in a while i get to experience a piece of exceptional gear; the last time this happened was when i had a chance to test the Leica M9-P. In this case, not only did i get my hands on a very interesting camera and lens, but it also came with a studio shooting opportunity, conducted by a pro photographer, Darren Centofanti, with a professional model, well-known Corinne Adrienne. An almost perfect storm, so to speak.

The Leica S2 is a beast of a camera: heavy, solidly built, weatherproof, functional yet composed according to the minimalist Leica gestalt, it produces digital medium format images that have resolution i’ve never personally seen before. I’m told that the results are comparable to the full-frame Nikon D800, but having never used the D800 before, i can’t tell. What i can say for sure is that the S2 is a camera and a half beyond anything i’ve ever handled before, in terms of output and quality. 

Having never shot with such a camera before, and also never experienced shooting in a studio and interacting with a model, i was certainly a fish out of water! But, i managed to fire off 20-odd frames, of which the five below are my favourites.