The Leica S2 Workshop

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I’ve never shot photographs in a studio before; so when the opportunity arose to attend a Leica S2 workshop conducted by Darren Centofanti, modelled by Corinne Adrienne, it was too good to pass up. One of those happy coincidences when work aligned with interest; i needed to see how such a workshop was conducted, and why it would appeal to a particular audience segment. I got my wish.

Darren was an enthusiastic coach: he kept things simple to understand, he didn’t use jargons, just straightforward, “do this and do this and you’ll be fine” pointers. What works in a studio environment, how the S2 performs, and how to handle a professional model. 

The model, Corinne Adrienne, had a ton of experience and it showed: instinctively, she knew how to move her face, tilting it in a variety of positions ever so slightly in order to give Darren the shot he wanted. The light play on her remarkably sharp features were incredible; before this i would never have guessed how much effort, aforethought and talent it takes to be a professional model. The better the model, the easier the photographer’s job, the better the photos. And good she is.

You can view the full photoset here (15 photos). Click through the images below to enlarge (recommended). 







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