Star Wars X-Wing fighter, Lego-style

I’ve been looking for a common theme to practice lighting on. Cigars tend to be a bit simple; they are cylindrical, have similar shapes, and very similar colours. There are lots of ways to light it up, but the results tends to be similar because the subject is essentially the same thing. So i needed something that had variety, something with character, and something that would provide a challenge to light up creatively.

Lego is the answer.

I’m going to be spending a lot of time with Lego over the next couple of years. Maybank is the main sponsor of Legoland Malaysia (if you’re a Maybank customer, you’re in for a huge treat — massive discounts off the entry ticket prices!) and just this year alone, i’ve got 3 trips planned already. I suspect i’m going to be sick of the place pretty soon, might as well make the most of the opportunity.

Lego bricks and creations, especially of the recent variety, offer quite a bit of diversity. There is Lego movie and franchise tie-ins, such as with Harry Potter and Star Wars. There is Lego Technics that is super cool. There is Lego Heroes. And of course there is plain old Lego lego. 

The added benefit is that once i run out of ideas with Lego, the bricks/pieces can be passed on to the kids to play with. So everyone wins. 

To get the ball rolling, i hopped on over to the local Toys’R’Us and picked up a small Star Wars X-Wing set. Building it was like sitting in a time machine — i was 10 years old all over again. What a trip! I am reminded of why i found this to be so much fun as a boy. Hell, it’s damn fun even as an adult. For that 30 minutes of time assembling it, i was completely focused, all the lateral engines in my brain were firing at once in concentration, and the results provided an aesthetic satisfaction. 

Lego is a brilliant toy. The perfect toy. I loved it.

Then came the photographs. Gave me a chance to experiment with a two-flash setup, lighting it up from every angle i could find.

Click on each image for the larger version (recommended). Shot with a Canon 5D MarkII, 100mm macro f2.8 lens, 2 flash setup, in a lightbox.

"Use the Force, Luke"

“Use the Force, Luke” – Obi Wan kenobi


Alliance X-Wing Starfighter


Wings in S-Foil position


Lovely detail on the model


An X that defined a generation


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