A hobby is about having fun, and i’ll admit i’ve been having a lot of fun with mine lately. There is just so much to explore, learn and put to use, photography seems to have never ending possibilities of creative executions. Just thinking of the things to do or that can be done takes some much deliriously lovely brainpower. 

“Perhaps if i did this” or “What if i turned it that way”-type of questions are just the sort of things i love to think about. Keeps the mind in a perpetual state of motion.

All this while, i’ve been taking photos of others. So why not try taking some photos of myself, by myself, with myself. Picked up a cheapo RC5 remote shutter release from the store and had a ball.

Setup the lights, 2 flashes, in a basic 45 degrees right and left configuration (i’m still learning about light positioning), and snapped away. 

Click through the images for the larger versions. Shot with a Canon 5D MarkII 50mm f1.8.




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