Portraiture with Rehman Rashid

There is a certain joy in portraiture. It comes from the connection the photographer makes with the subject, with the person whose photograph is being taken. That person has faith in you. Believes in you. And, perhaps above all else, is counting on you to dispel their fears.

Having your taken photograph taken is a scary thing. Staring down the barrel of a lens is akin to staring down a barrel of a gun — The End might just be a click away.

I believe that everyone has a good photograph in them. It’s the job of the photographer to find it. It can’t, it won’t be found without rapport. But once the bridge between the photographer and subject has been established, then magic can happen.

Without realizing it then, but understanding it now based on retrospection, that’s what happened between Rehman Rashid and me on that lovely Sunday afternoon. We were talking about life, enjoying the company of familiar comradeship, and every few minutes or so, i’d raise my camera to my eye and snap off a few frames. It was fun. It was relaxing. It was revealing. We were both disarmed and uncertain at what would happen. Magic, did.




Low-key portraits




Colour portraits




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