Travelling with the Leica M9 and the Canon 5D Mark II

Just a quick update on what’s hot and what’s not, after a couple thousand frames while travelling Europe.


Leica M9


  • As responsive as i need it to be. Despite it being digital, it handles like a manual camera, and responds in the same calm quasi-mechanical manner
  • Relatively light, though not that much less bulky than the 5D MarkII in actual use
  • The Summilux 50mm is the best lens i have ever used — it draws pictures almost the way i see the scene in my head.


A street in Budapest

What’s Not

  • WB is wonky. Same scene, different shots can have multiple white balance results. Not sure how the WB sensor works that leads to this.

Canon 5D Mark II


  • Easy, super-easy operation. Almost a point & shoot, with a full frame.
  • Auto-Focus is fast and accurate. Don’t really understand why people say it isn’t. Use center focusing, focus lock on the subject, then compose and release. Easy.
  • The 17-40mm f4 is an under-rated performer. Hasn’t let me down yet.

What’s Not

  • Suffers from “shutter fatigue” — locks up after several hundred shots, requiring a restart. Not sure what causes this.
  • Heavy & very big.

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