Playing with light in Istanbul

The next three photographs each use light differently. The first, highly diffused, bokeh-licious, spotlights. The second is direct, harsh, strong, yet firmly comforting. The third an explosion of colour, orbs of glowing brightness.


Turkish tea, by a cafe along the Sea of Marmara. The bokeh represents the neon lights from nearby cafes across the street.

The tea was fantastic.


The benches along the pavilion between the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia are popular landing spots for a rest, and to enjoy the twin spectacles, practically a stone’s throw away from each other. Behind the man, where the light is coming from, is the Blue Mosque. He is facing the Hagia Sophia.

What makes this frame pleasing is that he seems to be leaning back into the light, and it’s warm embrace is everywhere.


Stained glass lanterns, handmade, each one a unique work of art, are a specialty of the Turks. You’ll find many shops such as this one, and at night they come alive with colour and vibrance. I just stood there for minutes, quietly admiring it all before i finally took this photo.

All photographs taken with a Leica M9, 50mm Summilux f1.4 ASPH. Click through for the larger versions on Flickr.

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