Streeting with a compact

In a word, shooting with a compact is “LIBERATING”. No need to worry about anything technical — aperture, shutter, ISO, metering, etc. Just point and shoot. Small, stealthy, and quite fast (though AF accuracy leaves a ton to be desired). Its great to use one for a change of pace, and the results can be surprising.

The two photographs below were taken with a Nikon Coolpix L25, quite literally the cheapest, lowest spec point and shoot camera in the market.


The grain in this B&W conversion (done in Lightroom) is charismatic. Not as fine or dreamy as the grain you’ll find in a Ilford film print, but fun and effective nonetheless.


This is what i meant by “unexpected results”. The AF speed is so unpredictable, i was trying to pre-focus and snap. However, the shot went off early, and decapitated the subject. Then i realized, that made the photo.

Edit: Just to share, Ming Thein’s definitive take on what makes street photography what it is.


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