The Simit Man

After reading a few articles about “breaking rules”, both compositional rules and ideological ones, i took another look at some of my images that i had previously discounted. I found one in particular that i interested me. I asked myself why this photo attracted me as much as it did despite an obvious flaw — the pole cutting the man in half, and breaking the image up into two parts.

Then i realized that this photo worked because of the pole rather than in spite of it. It neatly separates the images into 2/3 and 1/3, the smaller half generating nicely into a second spiral on its own. Without the pole, it would just have been like many other street photographs — perhaps slightly interesting, but ultimately unassuming and forgettable.

But as it is, imperfect, the visual tension between the two halves is palpable. The man. His cart. And his simit (turkish bread), backdropped against the scenic beauty of the Sea of Marmara.



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