The Maybank Photography Awards Grand Finale

And so it’s over. It’s been a wildly successful program, and i’m glad we’ve completed it. Now to start the planning for next year.

The thing about the Awards that i’ve enjoyed the most has been the opportunity it’s given me to meet, connect and learn from giants in the industry. Ming Thein, Wesley Wong, Phillip Ong, Azrul Abdullah, George Wong, Thorsten von Overgaard — all remarkably talented in their own right, and nice people to boot. Then the wider group, the fantastic team from Zenith, the events team, the partners’ teams, regional support for the workshop with the orphans — at least 30 different people with whom i’ve shared drink and broken bread with over this project. Thank you all, without you, this would have been impossible.


Azrul K Abdullah, prepping for the Flashion shoot.


Ming Thein, the Maybank Photography Awards Chief Judge

The Grand Finale was held today, at 1Utama. The highlight of the show was the awarding of the prizes to winners of each category. The tension in the air was palpable as each winner was announced, leading up to the climax of Maybank Photographer of the Year that offered a prize of no small cucumbers, RM10,000. When the winner was announced, i felt a calm wash over me — mission accomplished!

IMG_9946-Edit - Julie Woon, emcee

Julie Woon, our emcee for the day



The other highlight of the day was the Flashion Show. I’ve never shot a fashion show before, so it was a fun experience for me to take photographs of beautiful women in fast action as they worked the catwalk. The main problem the photographers faced was that we were shooting “upwards” as the models were on a raised platform. This wasn’t ideal and made it very difficult to actually get the catwalk into the frame (impossible really). So i decided to focus on their faces whenever possible, and tried to capture expressions instead.


The Canon 135mm f2.0L really shined for this task. Either wide open or stopped down to f4.0, made no difference to this lens. Focus was snappy and quick, images was pin sharp. The more i use it, must have shot several thousand frames with it so far, the more i’m liking it.

Enjoy the images! Click on any of them for the larger version on Flickr.






4 thoughts on “The Maybank Photography Awards Grand Finale

  1. Many great photos, no doubt.. But to me, most did not relate to the the “Being Human”, even the grand finalist. I say, if the photos are not judged based on the theme, then might as well not have a theme at all. I know of many who refrained from submitting “better photos” just to keep within the theme. But please, don’t get me wrong. The photos are great on its own right..


    1. I concur.
      If they are going to give the win to totally set up shots, might as well just have a competition for commercial shots.
      Well, mediocrity is the new normal therefore normal is the new high.


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