My maiden solo exhibition, “THEMES OF ISTANBUL”

With the grace of God, and the generosity of the folks at the Leica Store Malaysia (thank you, Shannel!), i was invited to exhibit my photographs taken during my trip to Istanbul last year.

As the date for opening night approached, i started getting nervous, and all sorts of self-doubts crept into my head: “What if no one comes?” “What if people don’t like the photographs?” Normal i guess to feel such things, but in my heart i knew that the photographs i had selected told a story — as long as people could see that, and appreciate it, everything would be fine.

The turn out was great! Was very pleased to see close friends who had braved the traffic to come, and happy to make new friends of people who had heard of the exhibition and wanted to come by and see what was on show. Thank you everyone who came! Thank you for friends who sent over a bouquet of lovely flowers to celebrate the event!

The highlight of the night for me was the impromptu speech i had to give to everyone, explaining my vision of the photographs. Then, i fielded questions from the audience, and it felt great to have a chance to go into more detail about the how, what and why of several of my favourite photographs.

The photographs on exhibit can be found below. All were taken with a Leica M9, 50mm Summilux f1.4 — a great, great camera for this type of photography as it allowed me to be fully engaged with the images i was taking. It just works, and works well.

For more photographs of the exhibit, check out Robin Wong’s blog.












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