Thank you, Dato Sri Abdul Wahid Omar

At his farewell party today, he said, “Grown men don’t cry.”

I manned up and sucked it in.

When he took over Maybank, it was in trouble. In just 5 short years, his leadership transformed it into a world-beater, one of the Top 20 strongest banks in the world.

That’s nothing short of amazing. What a man. Maybank’s loss is the rakyat’s gain.

May God bless him always.


Maybankers adore him. Impeccable leadership earned him that.


Cheerful applause for the flashmob of Maybankers dancing him a goodbye


Members of his management team — the Maybank Exco, a Band of Brothers. He leaves the bank in good hands.


Belting out a song, playing the bass guitar. The only member of the Malaysian Cabinet who has played in a musical band?


His farewell address. He spoke about his nervousness at taking the new job (but that nervousness will end tomorrow, as he gets down to work). He said he wasn’t a politician, but a technocrat. He will approach the job as a servant of the people. PM Najib got the right person for the job, by the sounds of it.


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