The Rock Bar, Bali

I recently visited Bali for the Bali Marathon. After the race was over, what better place than to visit the hottest spot on the island: the Rock Bar.

An amazing attraction, literally hanging off the cliffs of Jimbaran facing west. Makes for some great vistas and the perfect view of sunset.




Some may say that the drinks were overpriced: a small bottle of Evian put me back RM20 (about US$7), but i’ll say that it’s worth it. Located in an isolated part of the island, a few hundred feet from the top of the cliffs, and maintained impeccably with great house music — that can’t be cheap cost wise. So it makes sense that the only way it’ll make money is to charge a premium. You are, after all, getting the best view of the sunset, and pampered by attentive waiters.


Two problems though: if you come late, forget about getting a table. I arrived at 4pm, exactly when the bar opens, and there was already a queue to take the cool elevator down to the bar. Ayana Resort guests are given priority access, and they get the best tables in the bar as well. All other guests get secondary seating; not too bad, but the view isn’t great because it’s probably going to be blocked by something (like a pillar). Having said that, still not bad, because there is a lot of walking room, so when you want to take that picture of the magnificent sunset, it’s easy.



Secondly, if you get there early (and if you don’t, you won’t get a table anyways so this point is moot), be prepared to be baked by the hot sun, made worse by the reflection of the sea that literally washes up to your table. No joke: it is HOT. So hot that guests are given large umbrellas to have some shelter; i sweated a bucket of water while waiting for the sun to set at 6.30pm, at which point, things cooled down considerably.


All things considered, a lovely place and well worth the visit. Would i go there again? Probably not unless i decide to take a second honeymoon at the Ayana Resort, but i’m glad i went at least once.


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