5-day cinematic of the haze in Kuala Lumpur

I looked out of the window at the start of the week and was amazed at how my normally beautiful view was completely destroyed by the haze. There was a dull, murky brown goo everywhere, and visibility was down to just a few hundred meters. The API reading was just shy of 200.

Over the next few days, things improved. A combination of the rain and shifting winds pushed the haze away, and things returned to normal. For a few days, it was horrible. I wonder whether we’ve seen the last of it.


24 June


25 June


26 June


27 June


28 June

All photographs taken with the excellent Fujifilm X100s. Processed identically.


3 thoughts on “5-day cinematic of the haze in Kuala Lumpur

  1. Hi Aizuddin,

    I wandered over here on a coffee break, from Mr Ming Thein’s blog. Anyway, what a great blog you’ve got; if you don’t mind, I’ve put it in my bookmarks—will drop by from time to time. This is the third incarnation? The fourth? You definitely read like a blogging pro. Good stuff.

    That smog! Hope you’re wearing a mask when you’re out and about šŸ˜®

    Cheers Aizuddin


    1. Thanks for the bookmark. Subscribing to my updates email would also help, so you’ll be notified when something new goes up.

      The haze was so bad, it would take a fully sealed mask to make a difference!


      1. Done!

        Yeah, the buzzword here in Japan is “2.5”

        It’s a reference to airborne particles 2.5 microns and less in diameter [aerodynamic diameter]. I actually studied these a little for an old job in the nuclear industry. Anyway, you can surmise that they’re not good for us. And clouds of them descend upon Japan… The Japanese media says it’s pollution coming from China; but I’m not so sure that’s the whole story. I think there’s a fair bit of domestic “2.5” in the mix!
        It’s all just a concept, something you read about in newspapers until you experience it first hand. About two months ago I was in the park with my wife and kids, a brown cloud appeared on the horizon, a few minutes later it was noticeably closer, another minute or two and the ambient temperature began to drop, the sky began to darken, the wind picked up. People starting packing up picnics. The sky got darker still. People now cantering toward the exits. Then the cloud hit and all hell broke loose. We noticed our noses filling with crud, eyes sting, wind howls, kids crying—it was like the beginning of the end of the World! Literally picked up my two kids, one under each arm, sprinted for home [close to the park]. My wife who was 7 months at the time was doing her best to move it! I got back dropped kids safely in the apartment, ran back for my wife and picked her up and tried to run it home again [she’s a bit heavier than the kids!]

        What an experience. I recommend all industrialists across the globe to experience it. Not good.

        [forest fires in Indonesia are a little different though!]

        Ok then Aizuddin. Sorry for the long comment. Looking forward to your next set of pictures and words to go with. Cheerio!


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