Australian Panoramas – Katoomba National Park & Darling Harbour

On a recent trip to Australia, i tried my hand at putting together a few panoramas.

The vistas were just amazing: wide & expansive. Even with an ultra-wide Canon 17-40mm lens, there was no way to take it all in. Enter panoramas. Click through the images for a larger version on Flickr.


Setup is a bit longer, requires some aforethought, and definitely a tripod. But the results are certainly worth it.


Lightroom 4 doesn’t do the stitching natively, so i had to look for another program to do the job. After some research, i found Panoedit aka “Panorama Stitching for Dummies” (MAC only). Just drop in the images to be stitched into the program, click “Match”, then click “Save”. Done. I took a good hard look at the seams and even at 100% i couldn’t see where one frame ended and the next started. See for yourself below:

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 12.57.05 AM

Panoramas are fun. And they will print extremely well — the amount of detail captured in a stitched image is astounding. The panorama of Katoomba National Park is has a resolution in access of 30,000,000 pixels. More than enough for a wall dominating print.


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