By the sea in Manila Bay, Philippines

Spent a couple of days at work last week in Manila, Philippines. Despite the typhoon warning, it was a good trip and very productive. The pinoy hospitality really shone through: smiles, laughter, good food and a wonderful attention to detail.

We had dinner at the Harbourview Restaurant, and given it’s location overlooking Manila Bay, it made for a fantastic opportunity to try out some long shutter photography with the sea. The bay itself is terrifically wide, large enough to fit in any number of supertankers on the horizon.

As i was looking out over the water, while waiting for 30 second long exposures to complete, i thought about what it would be like to be a sailor. The life of a man who travels from port to port, anchoring out there in bays such as this, exploring the seas and local cultures. I’ve got several friends who were sailors once upon a time in their lives, and while they will always treasure the memories, the one thing they all had in common was a sense of “smallness” while at see. It’s not loneliness or desolation — but a perspective that the world is this, and we are but a speck on it, transient at best.

From a photographic perspective, the equivalent would be “minimalist”.





Just as the sun sets, there is a short window where the sky and water turns completely blue.





Once the sun fully sets, the blue is gone, replaced by a glossy darkness that holds its own appeal as it accentuates the colours cast by nearby light. Mesmerizing.






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