The humble apam balik



The apam balik is a humble treat. Flour, sugar, nuts, and corn, you can find this at most night markets across the country. It’s something i look for often, and over the years, i’ve eaten many, from many different stalls.


There is something deliciously simple about it. The crunch of the roasted crushed peanuts. The sweet bursts of caramelized sugar. The unexpected sensation of corn, that seems so out of place, but melds so well in taste. The best apam baliks have a slightly toasty exterior while keeping a soft, fluffy interior. Every bite is like a well roasted marshmallow. I can’t say for sure whether this is the absolute best, but i think i’ve found a stall that makes them great.


A meticulous young man who suddenly opened up shop a few weeks ago, only for a few short hours every other day or so. Always in the same spot. He makes them very carefully, taking time to evenly spread out the flour mix. He doesn’t rush, almost maddeningly slow. It wasn’t a problem before, when i first discovered him, but now that others have as well, the crowd and queue is significant. You wait at least 20 minutes for yours to be made.

Boy. It’s worth it.


Find it here


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