iPhone 3GS from Maxis: Props and Slops


Everyone is asleep, finally getting a chance to explore my new iPhone 3GS. Picked it up today from the Maxis Centre after work. Lets hit a quick rundown:


  1. Getting an email AND sms from Maxis informing me that my iPhone was ready for collection today.
  2. The Maxis staff — more than half the people there today were picking up their iPhones, and it was obvious from the moment i walked in that the staff were under tremendous pressure from their customers. Its a credit to their training and energy that even right to the very end (i was one of the last customers they served before closing up), they still kept a smile on their face and even managed to crack some jokes and share a laugh with me.
  3. Being able to reduce the price of my iPhone further from RM1990 to RM1590; downgraded my plan even further after i realized i didn’t need something so expensive
  4. Actually getting the iPhone in my hands — its a real beauty, exactly as advertised. Initial playtesting shows, yes, it is just that good.


  1. Holy crap me, the traffic congestion around the Maxis Centre, the crowd was huge.
  2. Getting #974, and having to wait nearly 90 minutes before it was my turn to speak to the rep for my phone.
  3. The really, really annoying customers who had not pre-ordered the phone, and expected to be given one today just because they want one and have the cash to pay for it. Stock of the iPhones are extremely limited, and the initial batch Maxis ordered just covers pre-orders, nearly no extras — not any fault of Maxis apparently, there is a universal shortage of available iPhones.Not only were they rude to the Maxis staff, but they took up valuable time as well from genuine customers (like me) who would be able to receive their phones today.
  4. Stupid Malaysians who don’t understand the concept of “TAKE A FUCKING NUMBER”. At least twice, i witnessed customers just cutting in when a rep was free and their number was not called yet. The rep actually didn’t turn them away, and this led to a longer wait time for other customers who had the courtesy to wait in line.
  5. Technologically brain-dead iPhone users — Maxis setup a phone clinic by the side, specifically to assist customers to initialize and prep their new iPhone for the first time. This counter soon became congested as customers took forever to understand simple messages such as, “NO, SIR. YOUR SMS FROM YOUR OLD PHONE CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED TO THE IPHONE.”
  6. Massive mis-coordination between Maxis and the retail Apple centres such as eMachines. Customers are supposed to pick up the iPhone from the retail centres they ordered the phone from, however, delays in the stock arriving to them have led to irate customers who were promised their phones today. To appease them, the retail centres have asked them to go to Maxis Centres to get their phones. Big Mistake. The Maxis Centres only have the phones that were pre-ordered from them. This led to several angry customers, and some silly dramas ensued.

Oh well. From what i saw, i feel sorry for the Maxis staff who will have to go through it all again tomorrow. It promises to be worse with the weekend crowd in attendance.

Its interesting that a small little gadget can bring the best (Maxis staff) and worse (misbehaving customers) out of people.

As for me, i’m taking my time to learn about my new toy from a library of online tutorials provided by Apple.


6 thoughts on “iPhone 3GS from Maxis: Props and Slops

  1. Well what is worse is that now Maxis only allows those who sign up contacts to make a booking. Yes that is right. The hotlink plan and iData 1 (no contact) have been abolished. I would say plain discrimination and blood sucker. What is the point that they rolled out the Hotlink plan and published scam like “Choose a data plan for as low as RM 30 with your existing postpaid plan and you’ll enjoy the iPhone at special prices.�, when they only allow BOOKING for contracts. By the way, you don’t enjoy iPhone at special prices if you take up iData 1 (RM30). You are paying the full retail price. Total scam!!!
    Yes you may prioritise the contact takers but at least give us a “right� to place an order and stop telling us to wait for 2 months until there are surplus in the supplies. We all know that iPhone’s product cycle is only one year, if we were to take up let say in end Sept, ¾ of the product cycle is only then remaining. Btw there are rumours that an 8GB iPhone 3gs is on the way in Sept. Maxis really screwed up everything they do. SIGH…..


  2. To be fair to Maxis, i think the global demand for the iPhone has outstripped all expectations. When the plans were initially devised, it was made with a view that enough stock would be available to support the launch. Now, post-launch, that has proven to not be the case, so its natural that they’ve had to re-prioritize the allocation of the available stock that they do have.
    While the frustration is understandable for those who are trying to buy/book their iPhones now… i think we should understand its not Maxis’ fault.


  3. Hi as much as I would want to agree that it is not Maxis’ fault, it is not deniable that they are chaotic to handle the iPhone 3GS launch. Moreover, there isn’t any real “worldwide iPhone 3GS shortage� you can gauge that statement yourself through the availability check provided by Apple: http://www.apple.com/retail/iphone/availability.php or http://www.apple.com/au/retail/iphone/availability.html . Majority or 90% of them in most states are GREEN. Demand exceeds supply yes but not to the extent that there is a global shortages of the iPhone 3GS. Anyhow this is entirely my view while some may disagree. Regards


  4. Thanks for the link. Have a quick read on the article dated 29 June 2009 about the shortage in June. Yes you’re right there is a shortage in the early launch after all. However, I reckon that had already been taken care of by Apple as I’m stressing again, you can check the real-time availability check provided by Apple for the stores. They are mainly Green to date. Thanks again.


  5. Let me share my Maxis iphone deal, which I now calls it a scam.
    Basically I ordered the 3Gs, gets it for free if I signed the 24 months contract, and commit RM375 a month (this can deduct your month bills too). Then pay in advance RM2000 for the phone and future bills will also deduct proportionately for future bills. Sounds too good to be true. I accept, where do I sign? (This info was given by Maxis staff in JB who ushers you and get your Q number)
    ( My monthly bills then were 350-450/m and have been with Maxis for a very very long time >10 years.)
    Then the 1st bill came, and what a shock it was!!! My bill is now 800+ (also the recent months). When I enquired to the friendly staff (after waiting 30-45 mins), he said the RM375 is only deducted from local calls only. And once I’ve taken the Family value plan (pay some more) is quite minimal. I’ve looked at the bill over and over again, basically its my normal monthly calls PLUS the RM375. No Rebate, No reduction of the initial 2000 paid.
    Its a bloody scam. I’ll go to singapore buy an iphone for Sgd520 and pay monthly sgd 27 only.


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